Sports & Deep Tissue Massage

In pain or struggling to move comfortably? Sports & remedial sessions can work towards alleviating these symptoms. We work closely alongside clients to establish where the pain lies and go from there. Not in pain but just want a thorough steam rollering? Then a deep tissue treatment is for you. Myofascial Release (MFR) work is often covered within these sessions. Get in touch for more details.

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Covid-19 Information

We will be welcoming you back once this lockdown finally lifts.

Diary is open from 12th April 2021

How will this work?  I hear you say…

With plenty of vigilance & extra precautions to ensure the safety of our community, clients & practitioners. As this evolves we are closely following the changes which are happening within our industry & strictly adhering to government guidelines to create a safe & hygienic working space for us all.

Last updated 9th March 2021

  • Book in online as usual for 12th April onwards.
  • In your reminder email follow the link to complete a Covid-19 pre-screening form ahead of your booking.
  • We are offering 1 hour sessions until further notice.
  • Please come alone to your appointment where possible.
  • Please wait outside unless the foyer is completely empty.
  • Your practitioner will collect you in person for your session.
  • All our practitioners will be wearing visors which are mandatory. It is currently a personal choice if you would like to wear a face covering during your actual session & advisable to wear one on arrival.
  • Once entering treatment room please sanitise your hands with dispenser provided or go straight upstairs to the washroom & thoroughly wash your hands. We will ensure what you need to touch is kept to the absolute minimum.
  • We are unable to offer refreshments for the time being. We strongly advise to bring your own water bottle along with you for hydration. This is especially beneficial post treatment.
  • There will be a sterilised container for you to place your clothes & belongings into.
  • Clients who fall into the NHS high-risk groups will need to rearrange to a later date until further notice & moderate risk clients treated at our discretion.
  • If you are unwell please stay at home & reschedule your appointment for another time.
  • We will not be charging cancellations fees for the foreseeable.
  • Ideally payments in advance via our booking system or by card.
  • There will be a 30 minute gap in between clients to ensure the space is appropriately ventilated & all hygiene protocols completed.

We would like to thank you in advance for your patience & understanding whilst we all return to clinic & welcome you at such an unprecedented time.

Our hope is that we can all work well together as a community to mitigate the situation.

Hope this reaches you well today.



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Absolute Relaxation

Time for a MOT? The road to relaxation is different for every single person. Here we create a sanctuary completely bespoke for you, enabling complete relaxation. Want to bring your own music? You’re more than welcome to! Use your own relaxation methods or come along & learn some new ones; just let go, surrender and let us do all the hard work.

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Pregnancy Massage

Expecting? You deserve a treatment. You are creating life so firstly CONGRATULATIONS! Whatever you need we will endeavour to accommodate you. It is crucial to maximise comfort during those trying months, sessions are often with the client lying on their side supported with pregnancy cushions or can be adapted to floor work. We work throughout all trimesters adjusting treatments at each stage appropriately following a very in-depth consultation.

• We also specialise in myofascial release (MFR) advanced pregnancy work. Using techniques to facilitate the turning of breech, transverse & posterior babies in utero. This enables the baby to engage into the most optimal birthing position wherever possible. Through releasing restrictions in this area MFR literally creates space within the abdomen to allow your baby to turn.

• In addition to this can work with pubic symphysis dysfunction (PSD) previously known as pelvic girdle pain either during or post pregnancy.

Get in touch for more details.

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Busy soles? Reflexology is focused work on both the feet. Tend to the limbs that carry you for a deeply nourishing treatment. Also includes lower leg and ankle areas. It’s remarkable what our feet carry. Take care of them today.

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Rejuvenation Facial Massage

Skin crying out for a facemask and some TLC? This treatment is designed to soothe away the tension which builds up around the face neck and head. Includes lymphatic drainage to boost circulation and help detoxify the area, flooding the skin naturally with nutrients to nourish and enrich the overall complexion. This treatment includes luxurious skincare products.

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Rejuvenation Facial & Back Massage

Want to mix it up a bit? Here we have a combination treatment whereby you can indulge in the benefits of both worlds. Begins with a good old back massage to ease away all tensions then finish with some lymphatic drainage of the face head and neck to complete the session leaving you feeling thoroughly pampered and refreshed. This treatment also includes luxurious skin care products.

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Gift vouchers

Give the gift of massage this year. Any amount from £10 upwards. Valid for a year from date of purchase.

1 hr | £50
1.5 hr | £70
2 hr | £95

We also have bundle packages available because regular maintenance massages are crucial to a positive healthcare regime and a sure way to enhance your lifestyle.

Bundles available to buy for yourself or as a gift:

A Season | 4 x 1 hr Maintenance Massages | £180.00

Half Year | 6 x 1 hr Maintenance Massages | £270.00

All Year Round | 12 x 1 hr Maintenance Massages | £480.00

Can be used more or less frequently than a month.

Contact us to order.

Mobile Massage

We are also available for a variety of mobile work including events, festivals, pop-ups, workplace based treatments and home visits.
Contact us for further details