About the team

Sophia Ortiz

“Massage is essential as a preventative measure to ensure good health and well-being which makes it a powerful ally in any healthcare regime.”

With many years of clinical experience, Sophia takes great pride in delivering high-quality treatments and has studied a variety of different modalities since graduating.Initially trained with a complementary health therapies degree her style has evolved over the years and amalgamated a wide range of techniques to create what is best described as slow release sports & deep tissue treatments. Sophia is very adaptable and conscientious in the way she works whether you are in need of complete relaxation, pregnant or in pain rest assured you are in safe hands.

Has clinical experience in a wide range of settings including spas, medical, wellness & chiropractic centers, retreats, festivals, events and specialises in myofascial release work. Affiliated with the Federation of Holistic Therapies (FHT) is fully insured and passionate about staying up to date through continuous professional development within the industry.

Outside the world of bodywork is a mother who enjoys music, long summers, dancing, family friends and general Bristol vibes.

Emma Jobling

“Sports and Remedial Massage is also known as Soft Tissue Therapy.

It’s the manipulation of soft tissue’s in our body i.e muscles; fascia/connective tissues; tendons; ligaments and joints. My treatments are aimed to alleviate any discomfort you have in those areas which are normally triggered from everyday stressors.

For each client I feel it’s important to create a comfortable and relaxed environment, tailoring each session to their needs. I like to draw from a combination of osteopathy techniques and deep tissue massage, to help relax over-used muscles and re-educate under used ones. To aid relaxation and recovery, I pull upon techniques in Tibetan, Lomi-Lomi and holistic massage, from my many years in the spa industry and time in India.

It is my passion to help you understand what is going on in your body and to help you reach your goals. Whether it’s dealing with an ongoing injury or taking time out. It’s about working together so that we can get you back to an inner state of balance.”

Anna Wright

Specialises in sports & remedial sessions.

A treatment with Anna will include assessment, massage and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries and disorders from sports or non-sports injuries which include aftercare advice.

“My aim is to relieve tightness and pain restoring better movement throughout the whole body. I do this with soft tissue release along with stretching and realigning the muscles and fascia. I assess posture and breathing patterns as very often soft tissue injury’s can arise from incorrect posture or poor breathing patterns, I will give you stretches and exercises to improve upon this.”

When I am not busy being a mum I like to practice yoga, pilates, and body conditioning. I am very interested in nutrition, I spend lots of my time in the kitchen chopping and slicing, listening to Radio 4 or Ted Talks doing my best to improve my well-being.